Image description: Portrait of Andrew laughing.

Image description: Portrait of Andrew laughing.

Andrew Spannenberg

Saluton! One of the two choirs I used to belong to was infamous for same name membership. It had three Andrews. My name is Andrew (the bearded).

I speak just enough Esperanto to get myself into trouble. I’m currently the Vice President of the Esperanto Federation of NSW.

I have been helping groups through laughter exercises, for the last two decades. For slightly longer, I have been an active member in the local LETS (Local Exchange Trading System), alternative to cash and barter. so I have a different perspective of the word “economy”

I have dual disabilities - blind, which is obvious when I’m out and about with a mobility cane - and the invisible Schizophrenia, which is under control of medication. 

You’ll find, apprentice writer I’ll be.  Second in command of WriteUp.

The sincerest form of flattery is when the student out performs the master.
I’m passionate about peer mentoring because I believe strongly in contributing to community; wish to acquire new skills in communicating; and open myself to understanding how others see the world.
I look forward to hearing from you.