Build Your Own Dream Team Of Support

Here is a photo of the Attendees of our April Planning Cafe. All are smiling in a group in front of a powerpoint slide that reads Team Work Makes The Dream Work.

CDAH's April Planning Cafe was a huge success! Big thanks to our guest speaker Carolyn Campbell-McLean who combined lived experience of physical disability with a strong knowledge of self-management and empowerment tools for people with disability. Here are the top 3 take-away tips about how you can create your own dream team of support!


1. Acknowledge your team. Things like remembering birthdays are really important.

2. Check in with your support workers. If things look like they are going downhill, nip it in the bud and make a time to talk.

3. Give feedback, be specific and praise the good stuff. When you need to have a tough conversation about stuff that's not going so well, try a feedback sandwich.



What is a Feedback Sandwich?

First start with something positive, then talk about the problem, offer advice on how they can make it better, encourage them when they get it right and check in with them later on.

Download Word version of There is no ‘I’ in team

Download the PDF version of There is no ‘I’ in team

Download Word version of the powerpoint presentation


Here are some Hot Tips Of The Day from our participants