"This Is My World" launch

Image of 4 of the hip hop stars in an alleyway surrounded by graffiti with their arms raised some holding banners and vinyl records.

What a night! The launch of the This is My World Film Clip was a huge success! A hip hop song about freedom - in our lives, in our home, in our community, having our voices heard, choosing what we want for ourselves. Most of all it’s about belonging.
Made by Speak Up Hunter - a peer support group run for and by people with intellectual disability, based in Newcastle. 

First of all we'd like to thank all those who attended, the support was overwhelming!

Thanks to our partners at Diversity and Disability Alliance and Council for Intellectual Disability from the awesome TeamUp project that helped us to fund this project! Also to Shane Kenno from UP&UP, Pat KiDream from Newcastle Scratch Academy and the incredible Geordie Anderson from 3X3 Media who brought this clip to life.

CDAH would also like to thank Nobbys SLSC Newcastle for so generously hosting the launch event last Thursday and for everything they do to support CDAH and our work. Inclusion is everybody's business and we can't do this without you!

Check out this post about This Is My World on the ABC's website!

And if you haven't watched the film clip yet, do yourself a favour and watch it now!