Know Your Rights As a Consumer!

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Suzy, Tania, Deb & Simon are involved in the Talkin Together (TNT) Project with NSW Fair Trading, and this month’s Planning Cafe was about our rights as consumers. Jenny Beath from Fair Trading joined us this month too.

We learned some great lessons this month - it’s amazing how much some small pieces of information can help you to feel more confident about getting in control.

Some stories were shocking, some funny, and in every story - a fantastic lesson.

The BIG lessons:

Read your contracts!

  • If you can't - make sure you get someone you trust to do it with you.

  • It doesn't matter what the colour of the paper is, but you do need to know what, when & why you are being charged.

  • Remember - You have responsibilities too, and you will be expected to hold up your end of the bargain.

If it sounds fishy - don't take the bait!

  • Always check information that you'd been told, or double check what is being offered.

  • Try a friend, a peer or independent information services - they can help you make sure you're not being scammed

Ask lots of questions, and ask for what YOU WANT!

  • We are in control

  • We can tell people when we want a service, how we want a service, and who gives us our service.

  • Make sure they know what you want.

Sort it out straight away!

  • If you've got a problem with your supports, tell the person.

  • If you need support to make a complaint, get it.

  • Nothing will change if you stay quiet.

  • Remember, Fair Trading can help you to find out where to complain to if you're not sure.

  • Call Fair Trading on 13 32 20 (8.30am to 5pm, Mon - Fri)