Self Managing Your NDIS Plan

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We loved bringing more than 50 people together last Thursday for Planning Café with a panel of self management experts to learn about self managing your NDIS Plan and we want to share this with you! Why? Because self management means people with disability can exercise their right to take control of their funding and their lives.  Plus we are awesome at getting bang for our buck!  Win, win!

Top tips from Planning Café on Self Management – 

Linda – get a vision, keep it strong and keep sharing it.  The outcomes we want from the NDIS are the same as we want for everyone – to be full citizens in this country.  Use self management to bring about citizen outcomes.

Tania – choose your own support workers.  They have to fit in with your culture and your family.  Pay your support workers properly  - make the arrangement work for both of you – this is a partnership.

Raelene – you can make self managing work for you if you live in a rural area.  Link in to supports in your local community – your next support worker could be living in the same street as you.  Be flexible, get connected with your peers and think about pooling your supports as an option.

Carolyn – dream big – I just spent 5 weeks traveling in the USA – I made this a goal in my NDIS Plan and I worked with my team to make it happen.  You can do it too!  Remember there is no I in team!  Clear and honest communication is the way to go – be very clear about the expectations you have from your team.

Marita – check out the new NDIS self management guide plus the webinar plus other powerful stories from people who are self managing like the Self Managed Supports website.  Some people like to dip their toes in the water first by self managing their community participation funding.  This is just one way to become more confident.

More tips from the panel -

  • Get familiar with page 8 of the NDIS Self Management guide – What Can I Buy?

  • Self managing doesn’t mean you have to do it alone – stay calm and delegate!

  • Be creative, be flexible, be brave.  Self managing gives you the chance to use ordinary supports that are available to everybody else. 

  • Disability related does not mean disability specific – think outside the box, find the welcoming people and places in your community, ones that you have a shared interest and reach out to them.

  • Take the new NDIS self managers guide with you to your plan review conversation - Planners and LACs are still learning too!

  • Our best resources are our peers – a bunch of experienced self managers put their hands up to share their learnings with people new to self managing – so get in contact with us at CDAH if you’d like to meet up with a peer mentor to help you get started!

Some other resources that were referred to by the panel -

 Keys to Citizenship

NDIS Self Management Guide

NDIS Webinar on Self Management plus the transcript

Self Managed Supports website

Image of participants listening to the panel, Raelene, Marita, Tania and Carolyn (from left to right)