Image description: Close-up of Cath smiling at the camera.

Image description: Close-up of Cath smiling at the camera.

Cath Mahony

Hi I’m Cath. I’m a peer worker here at CDAH.
I believe in people with disability living the lives we choose and actively contributing to our community.
I self-manage my NDIS package and love supporting people with disability to take up options like this so we can live our lives the way we want to.

I am blind and believe in sharing my experiences as a person with disability in order to show that what we have in common is far more than our differences. I love public speaking and trying to persuade groups of people. I love using technology and the great impact it can have on our lives. I love communicating in all sorts of forms – especially writing, speaking to groups of people and singing. Other things I’m into are music, movies and TV (with audio description whenever possible), eating out, good conversation and doing nothing.

I’d love to mentor you in:

  • writing skills,

  • telling your story

  • public speaking,

  • confident use of technology (particularly for those who are blind or have low vision)

  • The basics of your NDIS plan, the participant portal and self-managing your budget.