Do you want to work at CDAH?

Are you interested in being a Coordinator of a group of people with disability growing as self-advocates together?
Are you passionate about a sense of belonging in your community
Are you looking to take part in changing the world?

Yes? Well take a look at Our Speak Up Hunter Coordinator Position.

How to apply:
Let us know you are interested, and what experience you have.
This can be in a CV, or a video that talks about how you have the skills you need for the job.
Applications close 15. August 2019. If you have any questions, you can contact Jess on 0402 939 514 or

The job description in full detail:

Position: Speak Up Hunter Coordinator
Details: Casual, up to 4 hours per month
About CDAH: Community Disability Alliance Hunter (CDAH) is a peer support organisation, run for and by people with disability and their families.

CDAH is:
· The first Disabled Peoples Organisation established to prepare people for the National Disability Insurance Scheme.
· Is guided by its vision of an inclusive and just society where people with disa-bility have genuine voice, choice and control. CDAH
· Actively promotes and facilitates peer support
· Works toward its vision by providing information, advice, mentoring, peer sup-port, training and development to increase the knowledge, skills and capacity of people with disability.
· believes that people who have shared experiences can offer invaluable support to others who are about to embark on a similar journey.
· is driven by its Board which is made up of people with disability and family members.

What CDAH wants to do:
· Increase the knowledge, skills and capacity of people with disability and their families through information, advice, mentoring, peer support, training and de-velopment;
· Be a collective voice of and for people with disability and families;
· Assist people with disability to make the most of their packages of support;
· Build the capacity of the community to welcome all people;
· Share our collective lived experience to empower people with disability to have voice, choice and control;

About Speak Up Hunter
Speak Up Hunter is a group of people with disability, learning advocacy skills to-gether.
We meet monthly, and work on issues we think are important in our local area.
We produce video’s and music to support what we want to say

Responsibilities of Coordinator
· Administration support for the group
· Social Media. This includes working with CDAH Community Organiser to make social media posts for Speak Up Hunter and CDAH
· Contacting all members directly to remind them of meetings
· Managing projects the group decides to work on
· Managing the Speak Up Hunter ‘Plan’

Selection criteria:
The Speak Up Hunter Coordinator should be:
· A person with disability
· A keen advocate for the rights of people with disability in the Hunter
· Committed to the human rights of people with disability and the principles of participation and inclusion
· A good organiser
· Flexible and able to use initiative
· Able to ask questions of others when you need help
· Works good in a team
· A desire to build relationships and actively encourage, support, assist and in-vest in your peers

Values you need for the role:
Commitment to an inclusive and just society in which people with disability are active citizens.