Image description: Close-up of Leigh smiling at the camera.

Image description: Close-up of Leigh smiling at the camera.

Leigh Creighton

Hi, my name is Leigh.  I am a member of the Wilderness Society. I am also a Disability Support Worker working with people with Autism. I also facilitate Speak Up Hunter.
I believe people with disability should have a strong voice and should have choice and control as we are experts in our own lives.  I’m a champion for reaching my goals and dreams.  When I make a goal, I commit to it and stick to it.
I have Down Syndrome which is an intellectual disability, but I don’t focus on my disability, I focus on my abilities.  I believe that people with disability should have dreams and goals and to lead an ordinary and rewarding life.  I love making dreams happen and to inspire and empower other people with disability.
I enjoy going to the gym and keeping fit and healthy. I love cooking, taking selfies and Facebook. 

Something only a few people know about me is that I am a wedding MC. I’m a Karaoke King.  I sing in the shower and sometimes I talk to myself especially in front of a mirror.  That’s how I learnt how to be a motivational speaker.
I am interested in mentoring and I can offer:

  • how to become a strong self-advocate and speak up for yourself.

  • how to set your goals high…reach for the sky…and how to stick to those goals

  • how to ask people for something to get the result you are after.

  • how to develop the confidence to be a public speaker.Leigh Creighton