The people are at the heart of CDAH and our members, our board and staff work hard to achieve our goals. If you are interested in becoming a member, you can find out more information under the following link: Find out more about CDAH’s board and staff here:

Here are some photographs of our members, mentors, board members, supports and family members. All photographs taken for CDAH by Geordie Anderson

A man is in the middle of this image. He is looking at a woman whose profile is blurred in the front right side of the frame. He looks as though he is looking at her, listening and half smiling.
A woman is pictured, she is mid sentence, and shown on a 45 degree angle. It is a close up, she is visible from the shoulders up.
A close up of two mature hands about to clap. Part of a woman's face is out of focus in the background.
A close up of a woman's arms and hands, she is gesturing with both palms facing up, hands at different heights in front of her. The profile of her face is only just visible on the far left side of the shot.
A close up of a woman's face. She wears glasses and her short hair is parted on one side. She is smiling, almost laughing at someone out of shot. It is clear she is making eye contact with the person who she is smiling at.
Two faces are pictured, the one out of focus is in the background on the left. The one in focus is in the foreground on the right. It is a young woman, she has a blunt fringe and a massive smile.
A young man is pictured from the shoulders up. He is leaning back in his chair. He wears thick-rimmed black glasses and although he is clearly listening to someone he is raising his eyebrows with a straight face.
A man in a checkered shirt is shown seated in the foreground, he holds a microphone with his other hand up, gesturing, he is in focus. Two people are shown out of focus behind him, also seated. The man on the right has his palms together, as though he is in the middle of applause.
A woman's face is shown close up. She wears horn-rimmed reading glasses. Her mouth is closed not smiling, not frowning, she leans her head slightly back on a couch while she listens to a speaker out of shot.
A few young and older women are in the shot, the foreground is blurred, and so is the background. The young woman in the middle has her hands out ready to clap. All the women are looking at the speaker out of shot.
2 people are seated and looking at someone out of shot. A woman stands in between them holding a whiteboard pen.
A mature woman and a young man are looking at a speaker out of shot. They are both seated, both with their heads raised up slightly. The young man wears a hearing aid and dark rimmed glasses. The woman's mouth is curled up on one side.
A group of people are seated in a circle. There is a powerpoint presentation behind them and someone standing off to the side taking notes on a whiteboard. Some of the participants are smiling and looking down. They are all quiet and calm.
Three people are seated at a bench. They become more in focus as they move further away from the camera. They are all clapping and looking at a speaker out of shot.
Three women are at a table. The one on the right is standing, the other two are seated. The second two are clearly looking at the same person. The one in the middle looks like she doesn't quite know what is going to happen next. The woman on the far right's eyebrows are furrowed and her head is cocked slightly to one side.  The woman seated on the right is watching the other two and enjoying it very much.
Two people are pictured close up. They both look the same direction and only their profiles are visible. The young woman on the right is in the foreground and in focus. She is laughing and smiling with her eyes and mouth wide open.