Taking a personalised approach to quality and safeguarding

A big thank you to everyone who came to our conference ‘Taking a personalised approach to quality and safeguarding’ at the Newcastle Museum on 22 August. Guest speakers and facilitators included Kathryn McKenzie, Director of Operation for Ageing and Disability Commission (NSW), Miranda Bruyniks, Complaints Commissioner, NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission, Karen Stace, NSW State Manager at National Disability Services, Liz Collier, formerly with Zero Tolerance Initiative, Rob King, self-advocate and peer worker, Gavin Hodges, Ngari Robinson and Mitchel Jones (all from Includa), Cathy Nattress, family member, Diana Allen, Unisson Disability, Christine Regan, State Director NDIS QSC, Dave Relf, National Practice Lead - Zero Tolerance Initiative - NDS, Rachael Cross, self advocate, Jo Cross, family member, Leanne Clarke, Keystone Coordination, Kim Evans, behaviour supports practitioner and Dave Belcher, Leigh Creighton, Cath Mahony and Jenny Cush (all from CDAH). It was an exciting forum and an important discussion. Let us all work and strive towards a society where people with disability feel safe, included, connected, in control of and receiving high quality support.


We asked members of the audience to write down their “Hot Tip from Today” and what they would take home from the event. Here are the answers we’ve got! (Please click on photos).

Zero Tolerance Initiative

At the conference Positive Cultures, a set of eight short films was launched. CDAH and National Disability Service (NDS) teamed up to produce the films.

“With Positive Cultures we want to start a conversation about what organisations can do to help every person feel valued, listened to and safe to speak up”, says David Belcher, Executive Officer of Community Disability Alliance Hunter (CDAH). “These films encourage us to focus on creating positive organisational cultures that enshrine the rights of people with disability.”

Positive Cultures is part of the Zero Tolerance initiative led by NDS in partnership with the sector, including CDAH. Using a human rights approach, Zero Tolerance outlines actions for service providers to improve prevention, early intervention and responses to abuse, neglect and violence experienced by people with disability.

An expanding range of Zero Tolerance tools and resources for the disability sector is available to support safeguarding approaches for people with a disability. (See the NDS website for more information: https://www.nds.org.au/resources/zero-tolerance.)

Photo gallery from conference (Please click on photos)

Listen to our podcast and find out more about the Positive Culture films:  CDAH connects - episode 2 .

Listen to our podcast and find out more about the Positive Culture films: CDAH connects - episode 2.