Interview with RaElene Bock, Peer Coordinator at CDAH E

Raelene Bock is the Peer Mentor Coordinator at CDAH. She has been working on CDAH's new Peer Mentoring Program which will be launched soon at our next Planning Cafe. We asked her a couple of questions about the new program and her work.

Question: Can you briefly introduce us into the world of Peer Mentoring? What does Peer Mentoring stand for?

Raelene: We all know CDAH does great work in providing Peer Support to our members through many kinds of groups and events. Peer Mentoring is CDAH's way of providing Peer Support 1:1 to help our peers acheive specific, individualised changes that want to make in their lives. 

Image description: Photo of Ralene Bock and her colleague Cath Mahony sitting at a table working.

Image description: Photo of Ralene Bock and her colleague Cath Mahony sitting at a table working.

How is CDAH's Peer Mentoring Program different from others?

At CDAH our Peer Mentors are all people with lived experience of permanent disability. Having someone who has acheived the types of things you want to attempt offers such a different perspective from that of someone who is just trained in 'what to say'. It provides a role model to follow and adds that extra level of empathy and care that service providers and traditional disability services just can't offer.

What do you need to do to get connected to a Peer Mentor?

There are great discussions happening on our CDAH facebook group this month. On February 28 at the CDAH Planning Cafe we will be launching our CDAH Peer Mentoring website where you can read through our Peer Mentor Profiles and apply to work with the Peer Mentor you think can best assist you to work towards the change/s you want to make in your life.

When does the new program start?

Officially we kick off at the Planning Cafe on the 28th February but if you are ready to start working towards a particular life change right now feel free to contact me. I work in the CDAH office Tuesday and Wednesday but am available to book a time when it's convenient to you. Txt/Sms: 0444 542761 / 0490 053454 or email: