Meet the Board


 David Belcher - President

Dave Belcher


David has a commitment to disability activism and building a collective voice for people with disability in the Hunter. David has also had extensive experience in politics working on several campaigns at local, state and federal levels and is currently a councillor at Lake Macquarie City Council. David has also established connections with many of the State and Federal members in the local area. He holds a degree in Political Science from the University of New England.
David was born with Lumbosacaral Agenisis and uses a wheelchair for mobility.



Joseph Popov

Vice President 


Joseph is a born and bred Novocastrian studying Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Social Science, majoring in Human Services. His hobbies include watching movies and TV shows, reading books and hanging out. He also has an avid interest in social policy and influencing societal change. He aspires to be an advocate for minority groups.

Joseph has been involved in advocacy work by lobbying politicians, especially around accessibility to transport and premises. He has also helped the University of Newcastle set up a disabled bathroom and provided some advice on how people with disabilities attending university should undergo their studies. Furthermore, Joseph has a good understanding of the Disability Discrimination Act and the various standards including Disability (Access to Premises-Buildings) Standards 2010.



Deb Hamilton


Debbie is a mental health activist living in the Hunter area. She was elected to the first ever National ‘Consumer’ Council and was pivotal in the development of a ‘consumer’ voice in both the Hunter Mental Health Service (now the Hunter New England Mental Health Service) and RichmondPRA when there was none.  Recently, Debbie has been active both nationally and locally, with a view to improving the access, planning and choice for all people with a disability within the NDIS. Amongst other work she is an advisor to Hunter ‘Partners in Recovery’ and has helped develop safety, quality and supported decision making frameworks for the NDIS with regard to psychosocial disability. She has recently become a participant in the NDIS and continues to strive for the proper inclusion of people with a ‘different’ experience of their mental health. She has a Bachelor of Medicine (hons) and a Graduate Diploma in Bioethics.


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Ros Talbot


Ros is a human being, a wife, a mother and a strong believer in the human rights of all in our community. 

Ros had incredible experiences throughout her life, followed a career caring for young children and is actively involved in lobbying for inclusiveness and respect for all.

As a mother, her children all have dreams, achievements, friendships, arguments and failures. Living a full life has challenges and heartbreaks, it also brings about a sense of self. People with disabilities have every right to live their life their way with control and choice. 



Kristy Trajcevski


Kristy is in her early 30s and has graduated with a law degree.  Kristy is on the Board of People With Disability Australia (PWDA) which has complemented her commitment to people with disability and also her keen interest in issues of governance.  Kristy is Co-Convenor for the PWDA Membership, Fundraising and Events Advisory Group (MF&EAG) and seeks to build a strong and diverse membership for the organisation.