Media Release
For Immediate Release: Tuesday 5 June
Hunter Hip Hop Artists with Disability launch Music Video

We're gonna be seen
We're gonna be heard
Get out of the way
This Is My World!

Says the chorus of a brand new locally produced music video, featuring seven artists with disability.
According to one of the hip hop artists, Mr Leigh Creighton (AKA MC Leo)


“We wanted to get together and do something different. We didn’t want to make just another film. We wanted to use hip hop to talk about inclusion.  It's about knowing we are important and that we matter.  It's about being part of My World. We’ve been involved in all parts of the hip hop clip,” Mr Creighton said. “We got together to work out what we wanted to say, the messages we wanted to get out into the community. Each of us wrote some lines about ourselves and our lives. We talk about running our own business, not being treated like children, the freedom of dancing and horse riding."

"It’s about having a voice, being seen and heard.” 


The hip hop artists are all members of Speak Up Hunter, a local peer support group run for and by people with intellectual disability supported by CDAH, Community Disability Alliance Hunter.


“We’re really pumped to launch the video in June and we hope it’ll go viral.
Tickets for the red carpet event are going like hot cakes,” Mr Creighton said.

Funded through Team Up, the artists were assisted in filming and production by 3x3 Media, UpNUp and Newcastle Scratch Academy.