Image description: Close-up of Cayt smiling at the camera.

Image description: Close-up of Cayt smiling at the camera.

Cayt Weir

Hey! I am Cayt. I am thirty and I have Cerebral Palsy. I am in a power chair and communicate through a communication device, however the disability in no way stops me! I went through mainstream school, TAFE, and am currently in my fourth and final year of social work at the University of Newcastle. I believe in equality and work well with people of all different backgrounds and disability. For fun I like to travel, go to concerts and theatre, go out with friends and play with my puppy.

As a mentor I offer you:

  • My experiences as a person living with Cerebral Palsy

  • My understanding that everyone with this disability is different

  • My experience with assistive technology as well my personal experience with wheelchairs, communication devices, switches, car accessibility etc.

  • My experience of traveling with a wheelchair, hotel accessibility and flying when you have a disability

  • My skills in rostering and problem solving for managing a team of support workers

  • My expertise in navigating various education systems including mainstream public schools, TAFE and university