Image description: Photo close up of Joseph.

Image description: Photo close up of Joseph.

Joseph Popov

Hello, my name’s Joseph. As a former mentee, I’m looking forward to putting into practice all the things I’ve learnt from my mentors over the years.  
I am 22 years old, and I have a brother and a sister also 22 years old. Yep, I’m a triplet! And of course, I’m the intelligent, good looking, charismatic and humble one in the family.  

I am an avid and confident user of technology. In my free time I love to read, socialise and watch movies. 

I’m in my fourth year of university studying a Bachelor of Social Science/Laws degree (after changing degrees numerous times). I have experience in how people with disabilities can be involved in university. I also have some experience in conquering depression after going through a real rough patch between 2016-17. 

I also volunteer as a CDAH Board Member and a Legal Intern at Disability Advocacy. I am also a representative on the Newcastle City Council’s Disability Inclusion Advisory Committee. 

My lived experience has taught me how to overcome challenges and as a result, I acknowledge everyone has struggles in their life. As a result, I have a good understanding of the challenges that individuals who live with a disability face but like everyone else, not all people with a disability are the same. As my mother says, “Pain is unavoidable, but misery is an option.”  

Furthermore, I truly feel that people with a disability can, and do, actively and positively contribute to the community.  

As a mentor, I can help you: 

  • build confidence in speaking up for yourself. 

  • getting through high school and university life, especially on how to navigate the system as well as making the most of the opportunities provided. 

  • Develop skills in looking and applying for a job by helping with cover letters, resume and addressing selection criteria 

  • help you in navigating the stresses and challenges that young adulthood brings