Image description: Close-up photo of Suzi.

Image description: Close-up photo of Suzi.

Suzy Trindall

Hi there. I'm Suzy and I am a mother raising two children on my own and living with low vision. My two children have grown up with a great understanding, empathy and acceptance of people living with a disability as they have seen my struggles as well as my achievements.  

I also grew up with a brother and sister who have the same low vision condition I have so always felt inclusion. I understand that isn't always the case for others and I'd like to be able to help those who are isolated. I have also lived with and overcome anxiety and depression and have a great empathy for those who also live with this. I do understand it is different for everyone.  

I have a few hobbies and interests. Number one is spending time with my amazing kids and doing things outdoors like swimming and going for long walks. As we are all animal lovers we love spending time with our dogs and cats. I love listening to audio books and I am very active in the Aboriginal community as I am an Aboriginal woman.

I've been told I am very easy to talk to and I am a great listener. I get along with most people especially my brothers and sisters in the Aboriginal communities.

I would like to be a Mentor as I have been through the NDIS process twice and have had both great and not so great experiences. I'd like to be able to help people living with disability or their family members and encourage and empower them while they are setting goals for the NDIS. Goals can be anything from living more independently to enrolling in further education or gaining employment . Other goals  may be joining a sporting team, organising a cleaner for your home or wanting to get more involved in your community. I would like to be here so I can support you: whether to live the life you’ve  always wanted to live, or the life that you are thinking about for the first time. We can work together to achieve this.