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Deb Hamilton

Peer Mentor

My name is Debbie I’m 60 years old and music is my passion. 

Forty years ago, I ‘came out’ as a lesbian. I studied medicine and became a doctor with an interest in sexuality and gender issues.  

Six years ago, I stopped working as a doctor and now work part-time at CDAH. 

My ‘psychosocial’ disability isn’t obvious, but stigma is. 

As a mentor I can support you to think about the best questions to ask your doctor. 

Coming out as someone who is gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, asexual or intersex can be terrifying. I can support you to find ways to express your sexuality, gender and deal with issues in relationships. 

Finally, my lived experience of a mental illness has blessed me with a lot of resilience, and I have come to know that lilies only grow in the valleys so when times are rough the special things about life reveal themselves.