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Sarah Simmonds

Peer Mentor

Hi, my name is Sarah. I have a mild intellectual disability but it has not stopped me from doing things I am passionate about!

From teaching Zumba to volunteering in the community (supporting people with disability and working in community building soup kitchens serving food). I also do arts and craft, photograph and travel and wish to turn these into my own business one day.

I have been volunteering for over 25 years now for various organisations like New Lake Peer Support, Stockton Centre, Healthy Change Challenge, Soul Café and CDAH.

I have also travelled independently overseas to places like Vietnam, Europe and New Zealand.

I am one of the coordinators for a Peer Group called Speak Up Hunter. Which is a group for people with intellectual disability to come together and learn how to speak up for themselves.

My Hobbies are playing cricket, seeing my family and friends, photography, reading, knitting and Zumba.

The reason I am a Peer Mentor is I like helping people to achieve their goals.

I can offer mentoring in:

  • Travel training eg. How to use public transport, getting an opal card, reading a timetable
  • How to organize and go travelling around Australia (and Overseas when it is Covid safe)
  • How to speak up for yourself and self advocate
  • How to become a volunteer and connect with volunteers services
  • How to be come a Zumba instructor, getting your qualification
  • How to cast on and off, what needles and wool to buy
  • Money management. How to budget your money
  • Social connection and different community groups

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