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We are an independent, collective voice committed to full inclusion and active citizenship. We are the first peer-led organisation established to prepare people for the national disability insurance scheme and we are forging new directions!

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Stephen Hallinan

Peer Mentor

Our dreams inspire, but it is our actions that produce results.

Hi, I’m Stephen. It is true that I am vision and hearing impaired, but that does not limit me. I have worked in the electricity industry as an engineer and I have a wide variety of interests including amateur radio, public speaking, learning Auslan, involvement in community groups and many other activities. Curiosity, perseverance and a life-long love of learning have enriched my journey and allowed me to enjoy a good life.

Living with a disability can be challenging, and I’ve certainly been challenged at times in my life, but I truly believe each of us can find our own unique path toward our goals when we share our dreams, experiences and knowledge and then convert them into actions.

What do I have to share:

  • Life experience
  • Good literacy
  • A knowledge of public speaking
  • Technical competency
  • A love of learning